Tupperware Warranty & Replacement Parts

Do you have broken Tupperware or do you need Tupperware replacement parts? I can help you! Please see below to learn more about the Tupperware warranty program and contact me with any questions that you have!  No matter where you live in the USA I can help you with Tupperware warranty & replacement parts.  The products are shipped from the warehouse to you.

Tupperware Warranties

Tupperware offers 3 types of warranties:

Limited Lifetime Warranty – Tupperware® Brand products are warranted by Tupperware against chipping, cracking, breaking or peeling under normal non-commercial use for the lifetime of the product. Colors of the replacements may vary and are not guaranteed.

Quality Warranty – Products in the Tupperware catalog marked with the “Q” symbol are warranted to be free of manufacturing defects.

30 Day Warranty – Products designated with the “G” symbol in the catalog are warranted to be free of manufacturing defects. This warranty does not include chipping or breakage of glass or china items due to dropping.

Please view the Tupperware Warranty Identification to see what is covered and what isn’t under the Tupperware warranty.

PLEASE NOTE: Shipping is NOT included in your warranty.  You will be charged a small shipping fee.  For Quality Purposes we request that you hold all warranty/obsolete items for 30 days from the date you submit this claim. We may request that you send your warranty/obsolete items in for further review within that time frame.

Do You Need Tupperware Replacement Parts?

Have you lost a Tupperware seal? Did you loose a Tupperware bowl? If you have a Tupperware product that needs replaced that is NOT covered under the Tupperware Warranty I can help you! Please locate the small mold number on the item if you have it (see below).

If you do not have the piece because it is lost (like a bowl with a missing seal) then please locate the mold number on the corresponding piece and then contact me and I can let you know how much the replacement part will be if we still carry it!

Locating the Tupperware Mold NumberHow to Locate a Tupperware Mold Number

Every Tupperware product contains a tiny little mold number (I need readers or a magnifying glass to see them). It will be like a 123-4 number and may even contain a letter. The numbers prior to the dash are the mold numbers I will need to know to identify what piece you have. If you have trouble locating the mold number you may wish to run your fingers over the product to locate any raised lettering, that usually helps. I also recommend that you take a picture with your phone and blow it up where you can see it.

Would you like to add New Tupperware to your Warranty Order?

If you have a piece of Tupperware that needs to be replaced under the Tupperware warranty and you are also interested in ordering some other Tupperware products please visit my Tupperware website and see what Tupperware products we carry – the Tupperware Catalogs are available Online. Contact me and I will be able to add your Tupperware warranty products to your Tupperware order.


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